Revit 2021: What's New - Top Features

The major improvements Autodesk has focused on this time around are productivity, collaboration, generative design, visualization, and data exchange. Have a look at overview of the new features and updates. 

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  • Slanted Walls
  • Generative Design in Revit
  • Freeze Header in Schedules
  • Highlight Active Row and Zoom in Schedules
  • Striped Rows in Schedules
  • Link and Unload PDF and Raster Images
  • Customized Workspaces
  • Path of Travel
  • Section rotation and rotate tag with the element
  • Enable view filters in view
  • Voids cut family geometry type and instance parameters
  • Real-Time Realistic Views
  • Improved BIM360 navigation
  • Structural improvements
  • Create stiffener on beam and column
  • Dynamo 2.5 Integration and new nodes
  • Infrastructure discipline and bridge categories
  • Electrical design enhancements
  • Revit to inventor linking
  • MEP Work-sharing
  • Revit cloud collaboration with P&ID on BIM360

There are plenty more wonderful enhancements to explore.



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