Rhino and Grasshopper running inside Revit: BIM Workflow

Rhino.Inside.Revit, Welcome to the revolution!

If you’re not familiar, Rhino 3D is a free-form surface modeler which uses the NURBS mathematical model to generate geometry. This makes Rhino one of the leading CAD tools for conceptual design in the AEC space as it provides an intuitive interface for creating geometry quickly and easily.

Rhino also includes a visual scripting application, Grasshopper, which is similar to Dynamo for Revit. Grasshopper grants Rhino users the ability to leverage automation techniques without software development experience.

bridges the gap between Rhino’s freeform modelling and the world of BIM

Although Rhino is popular amongst architectural designers for conceptual design, the leading authoring tool for construction documents is still Autodesk Revit.


  • Requires Rhino 7 and Revit 2018-2021
  • it is necessary to have an adequate mastery of both tools
  • User is a nice person

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