Revit Maximum Distance Limit : 20 miles (33km)

All geometry in a Revit model should be within 10 miles or 16 kilometres of the model's internal origin. This limitation applies to geometry created in Revit as well as incoming geometry from an import or a link.

When you create a Revit model, you are working on a modelling work plane that is 20 miles or 32 kilometres in diameter, with a radius of 10 miles or 16 kilometres from the internal origin. All geometry for the model, including geometry from an import or a link, should reside within the limits of the modelling work plane. Ever received following message displayed when you try to link or import a file?


Geometry in the file [File Name].dwg
has extents greater than 20 miles (33km). This
may reduce reliability and result in undesirable
graphic behavior. Click OK to continue, Cancel
to exit import.

When geometry is far away from the model's internal origin, the graphical representation of elements becomes less reliable and less accurate. These issues relate to how Revit interprets the modelling work plane as a flat surface. In reality, the Earth's surface is curved. The farther you move away from the internal origin, the greater the likelihood of anomalies in the way that Revit displays the geometry.

I recommend getting into the habit of staying close to the origin always, for everything, and managing some kind of base point information to offset your design to wherever you really want it in the larger universe of things.


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