Top BIM Modeling Firms in India

Building Information Modeling or BIM is a method that performs and oversees Building Information just as supports simple interoperability, adaptability, and so on This procedure gives many benefits including further developed efficiency, cost-viability, decreased modify, further developed coordination and that's just the beginning. There are a few kinds of BIM services, for example, structural BIM services, mechanical BIM services, 3D demonstrating services, BIM outsourcing services and others.

The number of inhabitants in India is expanding at a dramatic rate. As indicated by sources, the number of inhabitants in India is relied upon to arrive at 1.4 billion by 2025, outperforming the most populated nation, China.

The use of BIM methods will help in doing appropriate arranging in such basic ventures. For a couple of years at this point, associations in India have begun embracing this method to give better and quicker plans to the clients just as guarantee business objectives.

In this article, we list down some popular BIM (Building Information Modeling) firms in India.

(The rundown is no specific order).

1| Pinnacle Infotech

Founded: 1992

Pinnacle Infotech offers Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions to Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) firms worldwide. Pinnacle provides BIM services for construction projects to facilitate project coordination, asset management, risk mitigation, logistic planning, cost optimisation etc.

The specialities of this firm include BIM Modeling, 3D MEP coordination, CAD drafting and document management, 3D BIM engineering and more.

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2| Virtual Building Studio

Founded: 2015

Company founded by a passionate gold medallist architect Ankitkumar Kansara delivers comprehensive BIM services that span through the stages of planning, design, tender, construction, handover, operations and management across the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry. Virtual Building Studio was set up with the objective of providing comprehensive end-to-end customised services & solutions to the AEC industry globally.

In the last six years, the company has worked with projects of all types, scales and complexities with clients in the USA, UK, Australia and others. Virtual Building Studios has completed more than 20 million SQ FT of BIM projects across different market sectors so far.

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3| Aashir Engineering

Founded: 1989

Ahmedabad-based Aashir Engineering is a BIM service-based firm that adopts new technologies, systems & advanced utility products to keep pace with client’s requirements. The BIM studio at Aashir Engineering was started in 2015 to provide architecture, MEPF, structure, clash detection & coordination, BOQ & GFC services, etc.

The company provides BIM service to architects, building design firms, MEPF firms, structure design firms, corporate firms, home builders, among others.

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4| Silicon Valley

Founded: 2004

Silicon Valley is an IT Consulting Company based out of Ahmedabad. The firm is one of the BIM service providers in India which provides detailed architectural structural and MEP BIM modelling solutions, MEP BIM coordination, Revit construction drawings and point cloud to BIM Services and much more.

Silicon Valley is a decade old BIM consulting services supplier that has pioneered virtual building technology by providing detailed BIM services.

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5| MaRS Group

Founded: 2001

MaRS Group is an Ahmedabad-based Building Information Modeling Company India offering state-of-the-art management consultancy services for designing and engineering projects. The firm has been working with various organisations by strategizing and developing the implementation of versatile BIM Outsourcing Services.

The firm provides architectural BIM modelling, structure BIM modelling, MEP BIM modelling, among others. MaRS Group also offers a range of services to clients including 3D modelling support for AEC industry, coordinated construction document support, asset roll optimisation, building operations & maintenance optimisation and more.

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6| Revit Modelling India (RMI)

Founded: 2009

Revit Modeling India (RMI) is a BIM technology specialist for AEC, and Design/build industry. The firm is based out of Ahmedabad, and it offers BIM-related solutions including 3D BIM modelling, clash detection, 4D scheduling and simulation up to 5D cost estimation services as well as facilities management.

RMI is said to be one of the pioneers in BIM implementation methodology and processes assisting the virtual design and construction sector. The firm serves a number of different industries including residential, commercial, educational, healthcare, among others.

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7| Excelize

Founded: 2004

Founded by Pratap Dhopte and Sonali Dhopte, Excelize is an engineering services firm that provides Building Information Modeling (BIM) services to offshore architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) businesses.

Established in 2004 in the US with an India offshore centre, Excelize offers point cloud to BIM services, BIM services, CAD services and construction sequencing services.

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8| Hitech BIM

Founded: 1992

Hitech BIM services, a division of Hitech iSolutions LLP, is a leading BIM services and consulting company working closely to address the needs of architectural consultants, design engineers, surveyors, construction firms, and design consulting firms.

Hi-Tech BIM is a leading BIM Solution Company in India, enabling better project collaboration and execution for Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industries, for more than 25 years. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is transforming construction industry, and Hi-Tech BIM has established itself amongst the top BIM solution Outsourcing providers across the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia.

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9| TreisTek

Founded: 2015

Based out of Bangalore, TreisTek is a Geospatial & Engineering company that provides various services like 3D city modelling, photogrammetry services, architectural designing, BIM architecture, 3D rendering, 4D simulations and more.

With the help of point clouds, digital imagery and other such data, the company develops 3D city models that are used for applications like master planning, utility design, property management, intelligent transport systems, and more.

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